Aspire Software Strengthens Workforce Management Portfolio with Acquisition of Manus Software

Aspire Software Strengthens Workforce Management Portfolio with Acquisition of Manus Software

Valsoft Corporation Inc. (“Valsoft”), a Montreal-based company specializing in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Manus Software & Services Holding BV (Manus Software), an industry leader in workforce management software solutions.

Based in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, in The Netherlands, Manus Software has built a strong reputation of integrating flexible and hybrid solutions to their clients’ diverse workforce management systems. The acquisition of Manus Software provides a powerful boost to Aspire Software’s (an operating group of Valsoft) presence in the workforce management vertical.

With over 30 years in the industry, Manus Software is a leading solution provider for workforce planning and time management in the European market. Their specialty in optimizing human resources and time evaluation allows for operations to be as efficient, accurate and effective as possible.

“By becoming a member of the Valsoft group, further investments in our product suite and growth are ensured,” says Jan-Willem van der Boom, founder and CTO of Manus. “The focus of Manus has always been providing the best possible and most accurate solution to our customers, based on experience and knowledge of our team. I’m glad we were able to take this step and look forward to being closely involved for many years to come.”

“I am very happy that Manus has become a part of the Valsoft / Aspire group,” said Jan-Willem van Riet, co-owner and CEO at Manus Software & Services Holding BV. “Already during the acquisition process, they showed themselves to be involved and knowledgeable in the field of software development and implementation.”

With this latest acquisition, Manus becomes the second company in the workforce management industry to join the Aspire Software family along with Softbrick. Thanks to joining Aspire Software, Manus will now have the opportunity to not only further strengthen their presence in the European market, but to expand globally. Manus Software owners Jan-Willem van Riet and Jan-Willem van der Boom will stay on board to maintain Manus Software’s stellar reputation among clients as the company grows.

“For Manus, this gives us the opportunity to make the most of the post-Covid period, in which we expect (and already notice) that a larger number of companies will be needing WFM software to help them get the right employee, in the right moment, for the appropriate amount, with the right skill set in the right place,” says van Riet. “Being bigger and better funded, we can bring even better service to our present and future customers from a stronger position.”

One of Valsoft’s core principles is to invest in established organizations and form an entrepreneurial environment that allows an organization to grow as a leader in its respective industry. Valsoft is not a private equity or venture capital organization, as it aims to sustainably grow organizations through long-term partnerships with existing management.

“Joining forces with Manus Software helps to reinforce our presence and strategy in the workforce management vertical. We are delighted to share the same values with Jan-Willem van Riet and Jan-Willem van der Boom: a passion for innovation, world-class customer experience and a desire to grow.” said Michael Assi, CEO of Aspire Software, an operating group of Valsoft. “We look forward to supporting the Manus Software team in furthering their vision and accelerating its growth plan.”

Under the Valsoft umbrella of companies, Manus will continue to work with clients to provide fact-based, data-driven solutions and ensure they are as efficient and profitable as possible.

Valsoft was represented internally by General Counsel David Felicissimo and assisted by Pamela Romero and external counsel Joost Houtman of Lexence. Manus shareholders were represented by Hann Oude Grote Bevelsborg of AttLaw.

About Manus Software

Manus is Europe’s favourite solution provider for workforce planning and time management. With over 30 years of experience, we are famous for integrating flexible and hybrid connectivity solutions into our clients’ diverse workforce management systems. Our solutions are fact-based, data-driven, and always compliant. We are the European thought leader, with a get-the-job-done mentality and sophisticated software solutions. Our unique Evaluated Time functionality helps large international companies comply with local legislation and business rules, allowing our clients to gain control over their business operation.

About Valsoft Corporation 

Valsoft Corporation acquires and develops vertical market software companies through which each business can deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industry or niche. A key tenet of Valsoft’s philosophy is to invest in well-established businesses and foster an entrepreneurial environment that shapes a company into a leader in its respective industry. Unlike private equity and VC firms, Valsoft does not have a predefined investment horizon and looks to buy, hold, and create value through long-term partnerships with existing management and customers.

About Aspire Software

Buy. Enhance. Grow. Aspire Software, an operating group of Valsoft Corp, is a vertical acquisition software company that owns, operates and manages a portfolio of companies in various industries. Aspire constantly seeks opportunities in various verticals. Aspire’s team of entrepreneurs and business builders have an unwavering commitment to developing our brands and expanding into new markets. It is all made possible thanks to its decentralized management strategy and indefinite hold period.

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