How to Stay Happy, Healthy and Enthused During Lockdown

How to Stay Happy, Healthy and Enthused During Lockdown | vertical software businesses

Working from home during lockdown is something we’ve all had to come to terms with, but get it right and you’ll find yourself being more productive than you ever thought possible.

Remaining healthy, though… well, that isn’t quite so easy. 

You see, the fridge is now just a short dash away, and with the gym closed, you can’t remember the last time you properly raised your heart rate. 

Oh, and then there’s your smartwatch, which keeps reminding you every hour to “stand up and move around a bit”. 

How did it come to this? More importantly, how can you remain healthy during lockdown? 

The answer is easier than you might think. Here are five things you can start doing today. 

1. Set your daily routine – and stick to it 

There are several things you can do each day to increase your ability to lead a healthy lifestyle while working from home. 

It all starts with the same wake up time each morning. Add to that a consistent start time, guaranteed lunch break, hard finish and consistent routine at night, and you’ll feel so much better for it. 

Consistency is what your body and mind demand. The more you play around with your working day, the more lethargic you’ll become, leading to needless stress and the tendency to eat poorly. 

2. Create a dedicated workspace 

Very few people are blessed with enough space at home to create a sizeable office setup, but that doesn’t mean a dedicated workspace can’t be found at your home. 

It might be a corner of your spare bedroom, the garage or the kitchen table. Whatever it is, make sure it’s set up for a healthy working routine. 

That means a comfortable chair and a work surface that’s at the right height to avoid poor posture while working. Removing distractions is also vitally important, because it’ll lead to lower stress levels and greater productivity. 

3. Eat healthily (but treat yourself when you deserve it) 

Sure, the aforementioned fridge appears to be calling your name more regularly since you started work from home, but that doesn’t mean you need to answer it each time. 

Start your healthy eating routine by planning out your weekly meals, from breakfast to dinner. Include plenty of fruit, fresh vegetables and healthy snacks. Eating healthily is far easier than you might think; the key simply lies in preparation and a promise to yourself that you won’t resort to fatty snacks and the possibility of takeout. 

The best news is that healthy eating is actually delicious, too. And, regardless, you can promise yourself a tasty treat as a reward at the end of the week for the hard work you’ve completed. We all need something to look forward to, right? 

4. Get regular exercise 

It doesn’t have to be a daily 10K, don’t worry (unless you’re up for that kind of thing). Regular exercise can be something as simple as a swift dog walk around your neighborhood or a 10-minute blast on the exercise bike. 

The important thing is to simply undertake it each day and remain consistent (there’s that word again). 

Activity which raises your heart rate for a decent amount of time is all you need to get that all-important oxygen flowing into your lungs and brain. When you’re finished, you’ll feel better, too, and will be raring to go with new-found energy. 

5. Stay in touch with everyone 

Remaining healthy while working from home under lockdown isn’t all about eating healthily and exercising; you need to look after your mind, too. 

It can get lonely working from home – particularly if you’re more used to working in an office full of people. 

Thankfully, we have Teams, which enables everyone to keep in touch regularly via text, voice or video. It’s a great way to raise your spirits and remind yourself that you’re part of a larger, awesome team. 

So, the next time you’re about to email someone a question, why not hop onto a Teams chat with them instead? You’ll feel better for it, we promise. 

Wrapping up 

The best news about the tactics above is that you won’t only become healthier while working from home – you’ll probably be happier, too. 

Your productivity will continue to increase, also. Our bodies and minds demand oxygen, nutrition and exercise, and the more you feed them those vital ingredients, the better you’ll feel. 

What are you going to do today to kick off your healthy working-from-home mindset? 

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