What are the key elements of successful marketing campaigns?

What are the key elements of successful marketing campaigns? | vertical market software

Marketing feeds sales funnels, increases brand awareness and builds captivated audiences. 

Cut the cord on your marketing spend and your leads will dry up, Google will stop taking note and your brand will lose its voice. 

The good news? Marketing is actually pretty simple when broken down into its constituent elements. Sure, you might need some help making the most of the various channels and forms of content, but the principles of success have remained largely unchanged for the last decade. 

Here are the four key elements of successful marketing campaigns. 

1. Amazing, bespoke design 

Stock imagery? Nope. 

In-house created logos and branding? Nope. 

Developing custom imagery for your marketing campaigns (whether they’re blogs, emails or social media posts) is the best way to build a brand which people recognise and trust. 

It’ll also differentiate your business and enable you to make your voice much louder than the competition. 

2. Emails that hit the right spot 

Email provides a direct route to your audience – their inboxes. 

There aren’t any other forms of marketing which are quite so direct or impactful, when you get it right. 

These days, you need to carefully segment your subscriber lists and send them content which answers their questions and hits them at just the right moment. 

Email might be one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but it remains incredibly effective if you know what you’re doing. It also works in perfect harmony with other forms of digital marketing, such as blogging, video and landing page-driven lead generation. 

3. Video which lasts and converts 

There’s a reason 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool: it’s incredibly ‘sticky’. 

This means it’ll capture the attention of website visitors and keep them hooked. Bounce rates on your website will subsequently reduce, and the time on site will increase. The impact that can have on lead generation is profound. 

The best news is that pretty much anyone can give video marketing a go. Thanks to powerful smartphone cameras and accessible editing tools, you no longer need a truck full of people and gear to shoot a decent marketing video. 

Despite this, it pays to call in some marketing know-how to make the most of video. That way, you know you’ll be investing time in something which will last and act as a brilliant lead generator. 

4. Words that engage and build audiences 

Words touch almost every element of marketing. 

Whether it’s a video script, blog, or social media post, words have the ability to either switch people off or prompt them to take action. 

Clearly, you want the latter, and that’s why it’s a great idea to seek the assistance of wordsmiths if you want to strike the right tone. 

Words are powerful. Use them wisely in your marketing campaigns. 

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