Why A Decentralized Management Structure Is Key To Sustainable Growth

Why A Decentralized Management Structure Is Key To Continued Growth | vertical market software

Empowering managers to make decisions encourages idea flow and growth from within 

One of the main concerns in businesses selling to a larger conglomerate is the idea of the day-to-day operations of their business being completely outsourced. It is a valid concern, as crucial decisions can be made by executives that aren’t in tune with the ongoing challenges managers and employees experience.  

Sometimes business owners may choose to stay on board after being their own boss for years, even decades. The thought of answering to a corporate boss after years of running their business independently can be intimidating. If an owner is selling with the intent of retiring or stepping down, it can be equally concerning for managers, who no longer have an established connection with their owner. After all, how will someone in a distant corporate office fully understand how a small or mid-sized business operates and forms the best possible connection with clients?  

When an ownership group believes in a decentralized management structure in which leaders and employees are empowered to make decisions, that could foster a culture of growth. 

Key Decision Making 

Under a decentralized management structure, upper tier managers encourage those involved in day-to-day operations to flow ideas to the top. Lower level managers are more in tune with the needs of the customers and what improvements can be made among their team. By removing the ‘red tape’ involved in decision making, employees will be more motivated to take initiative. 

Ability to react quicker 

When day-to-day operations are run mostly independently, quicker decisions can be made. Whether it is a decision to invest in new technologies, or revamp a sales strategy, a company needs the power at a local level to analyze a situation and adapt accordingly. By giving the flexibility needed for regional managers, a company can ensure that all decisions are made to ensure sustainable growth and continued customer satisfaction. When a fast action can either mean gaining or losing a customer, the company’s organizational structure can make all the difference. 

Assess managers’ true value to the company 

It is much harder to gauge a manager’s performance in a centralized structure. After all, if managers aren’t given much leeway in decision making, how can their performance be judged correctly? With a decentralized structure, managers can prove their expertise to higher-ups. In turn, high level managers will be aware of where they can delegate responsibilities and further empower their management team

Proper Mentorship 

While direction from the top is important in order to establish goals and strategies, it’s also important to show trust in managers to execute a vision. By working closely with managers and leaders, a company can assess what tools their managers need to maximize output and increase revenue. Sharing a collaborative vision will also build loyalty within an organization, as it is sign of trust.  

Final thought 

A successful company recognizes that their people are their greatest assets. A decentralized structure helps establish that a business is committed to providing its team the opportunity to grow. 


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