Interdev Technologies designs software for Emergency Services and healthcare communities at large. Interdev ensures every level of an organization, from paramedics to road supervisors to managers to executives, always has access to relevant and compelling data. Think of it as a virtual organization — one that’s completely turn-key.

For paramedics in the field, every second counts. They need every available efficiency to improve response times and the speed at which they administer care. Their managers also need strategic ways to save time, cut costs and allocate resources effectively. Interdev Technologies has worked with a wide range of clients in Emergency Services, healthcare, community paramedicine and adjacent industries.

Interdev's Products

Interdev's Vision

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Interdev Technologies is an international company with a diverse team. Interdev’s team has backgrounds in healthcare and emergency services, which uniquely positions them to understand the demands and challenges faced by workers in those sectors.

Interdev takes a client-focused, collaborative approach to their work. As people who understand the issues faced by Emergency Services workers firsthand, they are dedicated to helping them find efficiencies in their process to save time, energy and resources.