Feedback: An Important Tool for Work Harmony and Career Progression

Feedback: An Important Tool for Work Harmony and Career Progression | vertical software businesses

Seeking feedback regularly will help steer you in the right direction 

Seeking or providing feedback on a consistent basis can be an easy thing to overlook. No matter what role you serve in your company, odds are you’ll find yourself occupied with multiple tasks and feedback will be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s crucial to not overlook the power of feedback. It’s a tool that allows us to be truly effective in the workplace. 

The most successful people often seek feedback consistently in an effort to improve their overall performance. Requesting some guidance from your peers can help you maintain a sense of direction and keep you properly engaged throughout the year. 

Your peers are more open to discussion than you think 

We may feel awkward at times to seek out further feedback. Perhaps it’s out of fear that we’ll hear of our shortcomings or simply because we’re set in a routine. Whether the feedback you receive is positive or negative, in the end, you’ll be better off receiving it. Yes, positive feedback is crucial on all sides to build confidence and establish a culture where peers support one another. However constructive criticism helps us all learn from mistakes and fuel ongoing development.  

By taking the initiative and seeking out feedback regularly, you’ll demonstrate that you care about the quality of your work and are eager to learn. Even if some negative feedback comes your way as a result of you seeking out an opinion, the fact that you took the effort to ask will send your manager the right message. 

It doesn’t all have to be task related 

While garnering feedback on your work is certainly important, what can be equally important is discussing how you work best. Do you respond better with a pat on the back or do you need a firmer critique to perform better? Do you want to be left alone on certain projects or do you need some outside perspective to piece it all together? These are all things you could be discussing with your manager or your peers.  

We’re all unique in the way we work to the best of our ability. If a different approach leads to better results, then this new information will be music to your manager’s ears. 

Ace your next performance review 

Think of how much time that passes between your performance reviews. An annual performance review is certainly a good practice to follow in order to assess where improvement is needed and how you can progress in the following year.  

You and your manager may also have an arrangement where you exchange feedback semiannually, quarterly or even monthly. However, if something is concerning you in the present, you don’t have to wait for a set date to make your feelings known or know where you stand. The work you produce day-to-day or week-to-week will always have room for improvement, whether it be in quality or efficiency.  

Garnering feedback on a regular basis will allow you to perform better overall throughout the year and establish a better dialogue with your manager. It’ll also leave you better prepared for when you do go through your annual review. The goal of any good leader is to get the most out of their team and your superior will be thrilled to help you reach the next step if they see you’re eager to improve.  

Wrapping up 

If a company is striving for success, there’s no reason it would dismiss the opportunity to provide or receive more feedback. Feedback is crucial to ensure that hours of hard work aren’t put to waste. It’s also the perfect practice to keep everyone on the same page, leading to a healthy work environment. 


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