Business Owners

Your business is secure for the future when joining Aspire, bringing peace of mind to your customers and employees as you calmly map out your exit strategy.

Why Aspire Software?

Ensure Your Legacy Lives On

When Aspire acquires a software company, we dedicate ourselves to running it perpetually in a decentralized fashion. In other words, we run these businesses with a growth mindset and desire to let their legacies live on. Aspire Software provides a permanent home for employees to grow within a bigger organization.

Benefit from Fast, Easy, Certain M&A Expertise

With over 25 acquisitions within the Valsoft Group and more than 10 acquisitions at Aspire Software, we have an unprecedented track record of growing and operating vertical market software companies. Aspire has more than 250 employees globally with a specific focus on growing world-class software companies, developing their staff and ensuring the legacy of the business is never forgotten.

"I reached a point in our company’s evolution where I started to search for the right partner to enable CMS Hospitality to grow faster and unlock its greater potential. The perfect partner had to value our clients, our staff and our products, which are widely used in many countries. I am happy to see the company that I built over many years facing a bright future under Aspire’s leadership."

Brian Manning

Founder of CMS Hospitality

The Aspire Approach


We pride ourselves on our ability to send out LOIs with a proper valuation within one week. In addition, our in-house legal, accounting, and due diligence teams make sure that we have the ability to go from LOI to closing within as little as 45 days.


Aspire is a creative and seller-friendly organization. Our main objective is to structure acquisitions in a way which fits with the selling organization’s criteria; not the other way around. Our strong balance sheet enables us to conduct all cash transactions without the need for external capital.


Our dedicated M&A expertise and swift, modern processes enable Aspire to achieve a 95%+ close rate on all LOIs signed.

Our acquisition criteria is whetted by companies that meet the following benchmarks:
Revenues between $3 million – $50 million USD
In-house development of SaaS or on-premise software
Headquartered in North America, Europe or Australia
Proven business model (“our customers love us”)
Proven operating platform with cost-structure advantages
Long tenured customers (even if the growth rate is modest)

“It was extremely important to pass the torch to the right company. We were approached by many investment and hotel companies over the years. However, we quickly learned that Aspire shared the same core values as InnQuest, which gave us tremendous confidence in the future.”

Robert Paresi

Founder of InnQuest Software

A smooth leadership transition

We understand that it’s unfair to customers and employees to rush massive, sudden changes. Aspire remains committed with each acquisition to ensure a seamless integration process so that the business can run uninterrupted and we get to know the people that make your business what it is. 

“As I planned my retirement, my goal was to sell the company to someone who could carry on our legacy of having a meaningful connection with our customers.”

Angela Margolit

Founder and former President of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

Bring your business
to new heights

Aspire understands that businesses can reach their limit of resources and capital. We are committed to reinvesting into each of our companies and ensuring they have what they need to grow more rapidly, while retaining their core values.  

Ensure security for employees, with growth potential

Dedicated, talented employees are who lead companies to grow. We understand that and joining Aspire ensures your employees have bright futures. Not only do we work with employees to develop their talent, but they gain access to a pool of counterparts in similar industries. Many Aspire employees have taken on exciting new roles and expanded their horizons.

Rest easy. Your legacy lives on.

At Aspire Software, we don’t buy companies to grow and sell. We buy to grow, maintain and reinvest. It is the same trusted approach on which Valsoft has built a strong footing across various industries. Aspire’s approach is to build on the foundation you have laid, preserving your commitment to deliver innovative products and exceptional service to your customers.