Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: Vocantas’ Journey One Year After Acquisition

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: Vocantas' Journey One Year After Acquisition
  • Vertical Market: Workforce Management
  • Acquisition Date: October 2021
  • Head Office: Ottawa, Canada
  • website:

About Vocantas
Vocantas, a global workforce management and communications systems provider, joined Valsoft in 2021. By leveraging its expertise in solving complex human capital management and customer outreach issues Vocantas is a leading solutions provider in the healthcare, manufacturing, service and delivery, and retail industries.

With over 750,000 active users, Vocantas’ extensive solutions and support team has helped our customers fill more than 2 million shifts.

Why Sell to Valsoft?
After 20+ years growing Vocantas, Gary T. Hannah, Vocantas’ founder and former President & CEO was looking to retire. He wanted to ensure the business continued to grow long-term with continued focus on customer engagement and extended opportunities for staff. With numerous companies in Valsoft’s workforce management vertical, Vocantas was able to leverage Valsoft’s expertise to strengthen current markets and expand globally.

“It was key that the company selected to carry on Vocantas would be a culture and integrity fit for both teams and for our valued customers and partners,” stated Gary T. Hannah, Vocantas’ founder and former President & CEO. “We specifically looked for an organization that had an existing global presence in our space and Valsoft fit the bill in every aspect to continue the success and growth of the companies.”

Key Challenges
Upon joining Valsoft, Vocantas identified several key areas for improvement aimed at better serving its customers and achieving sustainable growth:

  1. Slow Implementation Process: The implementation process, spanning 90-120 days, was identified as a bottleneck that needed streamlining.
  2. Quality Assurance and Customer Service: Enhancing QA and customer service was imperative to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
  3. Market Penetration: Developing strategies to penetrate new markets while maximizing opportunities within existing customer segments was crucial for sustained growth.

Strategies Implemented
Vocantas embarked on a series of strategic initiatives aimed at addressing the identified challenges and objectives:

  1. Process Industrialization: Vocantas adopted a strategy of ‘industrializing the process’ by analyzing customer needs and streamlining the implementation processes to reduce implementation times and accelerate time-to-value for customers.
  2. Focused Customer Engagement: Vocantas prioritized customer satisfaction and growth by focusing on growing existing customer base, upselling, and delivering added-value customers need. Additionally, the company identified healthcare as a strategic target due to its enthusiastic adoption of software modules.
  3. Shift to Subscription Model: Recognizing the need for sustainable revenue streams, Vocantas began shifting customers to a subscription model, driving recurring revenue and enabling upselling opportunities.

Post-Acquisition Success
Since joining Valsoft, Vocantas has matured into a company with improved relationships with customers and remarkable results just one-year post-acquisition. 

  1. Implementation Time Reduction: The implementation time was significantly reduced from 90-120 days to approximately 2 weeks, leading to accelerated revenue recognition and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  2. Market Penetration: Vocantas successfully captured 70% of the addressable market in Canada and initiated plans for global expansion, with a particular focus on healthcare.
  3. Revenue Growth: The adoption of a subscription model facilitated recurring revenue streams, driving revenue growth and enabling elevated levels of customer support.
  4. Internal Alignment: Internal marketing initiatives, including transparent communication and collective strategy planning, fostered alignment within the team, fueling momentum and driving collective efforts towards shared goals.

Conclusion/Looking Ahead 
Vocantas’ journey post-acquisition exemplifies the power of focused initiatives, and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and growth. By identifying key challenges, implementing targeted strategies, and driving internal alignment, Vocantas redefined customer engagement and achieved remarkable success. With plans for full cloud integration, Vocantas is poised for continued success on the international stage.

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