Aspire Software’s Financial Services portfolio grows with Virtual Trader’s integration

Virtual Trader joins Aspire Software

Virtual Trader, a prominent industry leader specializing in the automation of inter-company operations within ERP and financial accounting systems in the UK, has joined Aspire Software with Valsoft Corporation’s latest acquisition. 

Virtual Trader, a private company founded in 2003 by former Oracle independent consultants in the UK, has emerged as a leading provider of automation solutions for inter-company functionality in ERP and financial accounting processes. Recognizing the need to avoid repetitive customizations, Virtual Trader expanded its operations and incorporated in the U.S. in 2013, establishing offices in both the U.S. and the UK to facilitate software development, implementation services, and customer support. 

“This was the ideal home for protecting the 20-year legacy of the Virtual Trader inter-company solution as we move forward to the next level of growth and investment,” stated Keith Porter, co-founder, and CEO of Virtual Trader. “We look forward to leveraging the expertise that being part of the Valsoft/Aspire family will bring for our wonderful customers.”

Specialized in Oracle E-Business Suite

Initially specializing in automation for Oracle E-Business Suite, Virtual Trader leveraged its extensive experience in Oracle ERP software. As the demand for inter-company accounting solutions grew among multinational organizations, the company extended its offerings to include multi-instance and multi-system integration for customers operating in diverse ERP environments.

Central to their system is an advanced business-rules engine, complemented by a configurable user interface, allowing the solution to adapt to evolving business requirements effectively. 

“We are delighted to welcome Keith and the Virtual Trader team to the Aspire family,” said Michael Assi, CEO of Aspire Software. “Over many years, Virtual Trader has developed and supported a highly technical application which adds enormous value to global enterprise customers with complex inter-company transactional requirements. The knowledge and experience of the team in this sector is unparalleled: together we can build on this heritage to address the wider market facing the same challenges.” 

About Virtual Trader  

Virtual Trader offers comprehensive solutions that automate the entire inter-company lifecycle. Their software serves as a hub for inter-company activities, supporting various functions such as supply chain management, reconciliation, eliminations, and compliance. By capturing transactions at the transaction level, Virtual Trader enables efficient statutory reporting and expedites inter-company processes. Additionally, their solutions are designed to adapt to changes in legislation, ensuring ongoing compliance. 

About Valsoft Corporation 

Valsoft Corporation acquires and develops vertical market software companies through which each business can deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industries or niche. A key tenet of Valsoft’s philosophy is to invest in well-established businesses and foster an entrepreneurial environment that shapes a company into a leader in its respective industry. Unlike private equity and VC firms, Valsoft does not have a predefined investment horizon and looks to buy, hold, and create value through long-term partnerships with existing management and customers. 

About Aspire Software

Nurture. Enhance. Grow. As the operational arm of Valsoft Corp, Aspire operates and manages Valsoft’s global portfolio of wholly owned software companies, providing mission-critical solutions across multiple verticals. By implementing industry best practices, Aspire Software delivers a time-sensitive integration process, and the operation of a decentralized model has allowed it to become a hub for creating rapid growth by reinvesting in its portfolio.

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