Car Rental Management

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems has been a leading provider of software for the vehicle rental and dealership service loaner industry since 1982. The original auto rental division of Bluebird Systems in Carlsbad, CA was spun off into its own company in 1993 as Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, L.P. and moved to Morris County, New Jersey. In 2018, Bluebird joined the Aspire Group, bringing Aspire into the car rental management vertical. 

Bluebird’s auto rental application, RentWorks, is used around the world to effectively manage the efficiency and profitability of any size vehicle rental operation. Their solutions are also built to service car dealerships offering a loaner service. Car dealerships can not only offer a loaner service, but begin offering their own retail rental service, thanks to Bluebird’s user-friendly solution and easy integration to any major DMS.

Bluebird’s Products


The premier car rental software solution used by franchisees and independent businesses with substantial fleet size and transaction volume. Packed with features such as reservation sales, fleet utilization, rate management and accounting interfaces. 


Built on the RentWorks PowerSuite platform, LoanerTrack offers the most complete loaner application software available.


A powerful e-commerce platform designed to improve renter experience and maximize potential online revenue. 

RentWorks Mobile

Using a mobile device, rental agents can service customers at the vehicle, bypassing the rental counter.

Recovery Services

As damage recovery specialists, Bluebird can help customers recover: repair costs, loss of use, administrative fees and diminished value (where applicable).  

Bluebird’s Vision

Bluebird follows two overriding philosophies: listen to customers and give them choices. As a result, they offer a wide variety of fully integrated software and hardware products, all designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of any size car rental operation. Bluebird is committed to keeping pace with technology, as well as providing next level customer support with a highly-experienced staff.