Fleet Management systems

Navotar is a cloud-based car rental software designed to automate the management of your fleet especially in a vehicle rental business. The software has a range of unique features that can help a car rental owner manage their fleet much easier and save time.

Navotar has held a strong presence in the fleet management software industry for over a decade. Navotar uses the latest tech advancements to eliminate common issues in the car rental business. They have delivered industry leading car rental management software to business owners around the world, thanks to advanced technology, innovation and dedication from their committed staff.

What is Navotar

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Startup Packages

New to the auto rental business? Navotar’s consultants are there to help. Establish your presence in the car rental industry with trusted support from Navotar’s team of experts.

Rental Digital Marketing

Gain access to a team of digital marketing consultants that specialize in car rental. Get a higher search engine ranking for your business and increase your bookings by 70%.

Rental Website Development

Reach global customers with a well-designed website. Navotar specializes in developing mobile-friendly car rental websites, so customers can easily book vehicles online.

Custom Development

If your rental business is unique and you need a customized solution from top to bottom, Navotar’s in-house development team can create rental software specially for your business.

Navotar is built to support all types of vehicle rental operations, with our systems built as:

Car Rental Software

RV / Motorhome Rental Software

Golf Rental Software

Boat Rental Software

Scooter Rental Software

Navotar’s Vision

Navotar uses the latest tech advancements to eliminate common issues in the car rental business. With an entirely paperless solution, Navotar has widely broadened the spectrum of services car rental providers can offer. Digitizing the way we rent cars using our advanced web-based car rental system has allowed business owners to forgo the manual work printing papers or having to sign a hard copy. They are always looking to further develop their car rental software and are always working to give customers the best possible services available.