Determine your operation’s needs for staff deployment for both short and long-term planning. Easily assign the right employees when and where they are needed. 

Capacity Planning

Coordinate the required capacity staff per department and per time unit, allowing your HR department to make strategic choices regarding hiring, training, etc…

Staff Planning

Manage and deploy your staff between locations and/or departments and allocate the cost to the correct cost center. Keep track of various schedules, holidays, absences and more. 

Time & Attendance

The highly configurable Softbrick WFM system allows an easy and flexible implementation of all types of collective labour agreements and working time arrangements organization wide as globally.

Employee Self Service

With the use of a smartphone, employees are easily able to check their own work schedule, trade a shift, request for leave and check their leave balances.

Access Control Management

Register and manage the access of employees and visitors to various locations within your organization. Characterized by clear procedures, real-time processing and simple operation.


Softbrick offers workforce management software solutions for the optimal use of staff members. Their solutions grow with organizations and future workforce management needs. With over 25 years of experience, Softbrick has shown that they are able to analyze specific needs and help organizations optimize their work processes and permanently improve results. They also have demonstrated the expertise to implement small, large and complex projects.
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