Aspire Software: A Year of Extraordinary Accomplishments in 2023! 

It’s time to reflect on the amazing journey that was 2023, as Aspire Software concludes a remarkable year filled with extraordinary achievements! 

As we reflect on 2023, it is truly inspiring to see the fearlessness with which we pursued our mission of growth. With a total of 25 acquisitions from Valsoft Corp., Aspire Software was able to integrate many reputable brands into our operations and solidify our position as industry leaders and earn recognition as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. However, our rapid growth doesn’t just lie with integrating new companies, as Aspire added 1,100 employees to our global team this calendar year. As we head into 2024, Aspire Software has emerged as a true global entity, with a portfolio of 85 companies, a workforce of over 3,000 employees across 15 countries and now serving the needs of over 35,000 customers.  

But our accomplishments don’t end there! Aspire Software has excelled in investing in our dynamic team through exclusive bootcamps and seminars. We strongly believe in empowering our employees, equipping them with invaluable knowledge and skills that set them apart. Together, we have shattered barriers and redefined what is possible. 

Bootcamps bringing our leaders together: 

spain leadership summit pic

In Marbella, Spain, we hosted the European Leadership Summit, a collaborative event that brought leaders across the Aspire Software family together from around the world. Through engaging panel discussions, participants gained valuable knowledge, exchanged innovative ideas, showcased best practices, and shared effective strategies in their respective fields.  

In Montreal, we organized the inaugural North American Leadership Bootcamp, where 70 where 70 Aspire Software companies in our extensive portfolio came together. Through interactive workshops, participants visited Aspire Software HQ, acquired practical skills, generated innovative ideas, and engaged in thought-provoking breakout sessions. The bootcamp served as a platform for networking, building connections, and hearing directly from Aspire Software leadership teams.  

Seminars to promote a positive work culture and discover new ways of working: 

We had the pleasure of hosting Robert Wise, who shared his expertise on mental health in the workplace and our day-to-day lives. Our mental health seminar sought to prioritize the well-being of our team members. 

Our first-ever AI Seminar, held live from Aspire Software HQ, was a great success. Thanks to our insightful presenter Michael Radovan, Director of Engineering Transformation & AI, and esteemed panelists Wissam Alame, Operations Management, and Kanav Singla, AI Engineer, we explored the most innovative topics in the field.   

Other notable highlights

Montreal bootcamp


  • In addition to these amazing events, we re-launched MyAspire Intranet: Our company’s intranet serves as a centralized portal for important company-wide announcements, policies, documents, and resources. It is an  invaluable tool for staying informed and accessing relevant information whenever you need it. We encourage you to make use of the intranet as a valuable resource for your daily work.  
  • Our impact extended beyond borders, as we made a huge impression at GDC Lebanon, showcasing our expertise in global expansion. We celebrated one year of growth, innovation, and collaboration at our GDC-Lebanon Office, achieving remarkable milestones and pushing boundaries together. Perhaps the biggest highlight is that Aspire Software grew our GDC-Lebanon and India offices to over 200 people in one year. 
  • To fuel our growth, we released a marketing powerhouse with the launch of our decentralized agency, Omnia Digital. This strategic move has amplified our reach, enhanced our client services, and made a lasting impact in the market.
  • Speaking of impact, Aspire’s social media presence has gained massive traction, as our LinkedIn followers grew 165%, leaving us at over 8,000 followers to end the year. Through appealing content and comprehensive strategies, we have promoted vibrant online communities that continue to grow each day.  Our solid commitment to excellence has inspired countless individuals.
  • Amidst these achievements in our mission of constant growth, Aspire remains dedicated to encouraging team spirit. Thanks to our passionate People and Culture Committee, we have organized unforgettable events, from spooky Halloween celebrations to amazing retreats, that have brought us closer together and forged unbreakable bonds.  
  • Our CEO, Michael Assi, has engaged with our exceptional team members through fireside chats. These informal gatherings have fostered strong connections, fueled inspiration, and stimulated new ideas. 

Thank you for a great year

What an extraordinary year it has been for Aspire Software and our great team! Together, we have defied expectations, embraced innovation, and achieved the impossible. But our journey has only just begun. Aspire Software is ready for even greater triumphs, prepared to make 2024 an even better year. Will you join us on this extraordinary adventure? Buckle up because Aspire Software is ready for more! 

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