Data banking

Keep up to date with the latest rates and prices on construction materials, covering 5 million objects from 1,200 brands in the sector.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software for installers, renovation companies, rehabilitation and maintenance of civil, residential and industrial works. Ideal for companies of all sizes in the sector.

Mobile Service

Allows technical operators to send and receive information in real time from their smartphone, resulting in more efficient work and reporting from technicians.

Mobile CRM

Track your sales department in real time and make decisions that increase your productivity and meet key objectives. Control your business activity on a global scale.

eCommerce Solution

Customers requesting service online are growing. Open your materials distribution channel with a comprehensive eCommerce Solution.

Organizational Redesign

Facilitate an efficient management process and organize people effectively to pave the way for a growing and competitive business.


Telematel creates software solutions to help clients manage their business with maximum efficiency and profitability. They develop and manage the information of the largest and most complete rate catalog or data bank in the sector. For over 30 years, they have worked with construction, service companies (installers), material distribution companies (distributors), manufacturers and purchasing centers. Telematel combines information, knowledge and technology to anticipate the future and help clients lead change. They create the digital environments that will set the standard for years to come.
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